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Bigoga lighting company limited is a lighting supply company that has been operating for years in the electronics industry and for the past years in aluminum LED lighting products. We started Bigoga with the desire to introduce to the market a range of premium quality LED luminaires suitable for both the commercial and industrial markets. Through a combination of attention to detail and a desire to respond to the needs of the market and the installers of our fittings, we have developed a series of product families that represent the best available products in their class. Our aim is to develop and deliver LED light fittings that represent the absolute best combination of quality, performance and price. Local Assembly Our factory is in Guzhen, Zhongshan City, a town 40 mins far from Guangzhou south railway station. Here we assemble luminaires "to order" and achieve leadtimes that are much faster than many of our competitors, assisting our customers with their own project development timeframes. There are busy times of the year when things can get a little hectic but in general we aim to have all custom orders out the door within 7 - 10 working days. ...



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