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Sinopec gas station lighting standard

Sinopec gas station lighting standard

Note: the red means in a special environment, such as the gas stations are in the city center, the surrounding environment is bright, or more competitors around the gas stations, should use high illumination standard 200Lx, using low illumination standard 150Lx in other environments.

In order to make the actual illumination level is not less than the average illuminance, the lighting design should be condidered the light flux attenuation and the surface pollution caused the illumination is reduced, so, according to the environmental pollution characteristics and lamp rubbing times correspongding supporting selected dimension coefficient, generally 0.75, in particular pollution area is 0.65.

In general, the design illuminance value can have 10% deviation compared to standard values.

Using the lighting power density value to show the energy saving index, on the values in the table represent the whole canopy area. 8W/㎡ correspongding to the illuminance standard 150Lx/50Lx, 10W/㎡ corresponding to the illuminance standard 200Lx/100Lx.

Sinopec gas station canopy lighting standard make canopy segment as the main operating area (work area) and non adjacent area (near the work area), put forward the corresponding standards, with more energy-efficient way to enhance the appearance of the gas stations.



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