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Global Industrial Lighting Market Scale Will Reach USD 3.935 Billion in 2018

According to the latest report from industry organization, industrial lighting plays an important role in the lighting industry, so more and more LED manufacturers want to cross into the field of industrial lighting to enhance profitability. According to 2018 Industrial Lighting and led high bay light Market Report, the global LED industrial lighting market increases significantly as the stability and price of LED products are approaching the traditional metal-halide lamp. Europe takes up the largest market share in 2018, followed by China and America. In view of shipments, Chinese market accounts for the greatest proportion, mainly because the products from Chinese market are in lower prices. The global industrial lighting market scale comes to USD 3.935 billion in 2018, and expected to reach USD 5.687 billion in 2022, with CAGR of 10% during 2018-2022.

The energy saving effect of LED can enable industrial lighting to be more cost competitive. It has more incentives to urge the industry to replace high bay lamp products. In addition, the improvement of LED lighting product performance and the further reduction of price, plus the advantage of industrial lighting products, the industrial lighting market will become the focus of LED packaging and lighting manufacturers in this year.

Industrial lighting field covers energy, utilities, mining, industrial manufacturing, public infrastructure, telecommunications and other markets. The main industrial lighting products include bay light, floodlight and explosion-proof light. In accordance with the research, LED high bay light accounts for 86% in the total industrial lighting field, so the study of LED high bay is the focus of developing industrial lighting market.

Because of the particularity of the market of industrial lighting, 80W-250W LED bay light products is the mainstream market, the light effect is about 100-120LM/W, the led industrial lights from Bigoga Lighting company have been generally up to 150lm/W, the same higher power but brighter, the future will gradually become a trend. Since the bay light products have not yet fully entered the standardized product, the price strategy will depend on the specification and area. The price of Chinese manufacturers is lower, the product specifications are less making the price fixed and the price fluctuating less.

According to survey, the top five industrial lighting manufacturers include Eaton Lighting, Philips Lighting, Acuity Brands, Hubbell and GE. Dialight and Trevos offer full range of LED industrial lighting products. According to analysis, industrial lighting manufacturer business model and company scales can be diversified into three camps, brand group, niche lighting manufacturer, and OEM player.

1. Brand Group Business Strategy: European, American and Japanese lighting manufacturers mostly operate under group brand, with product line covering industrial, commercial, residential, architectural fields. Each company has different specialty, taking Eaton Lighting, Acuity Brands and Hubbell for example, which are the companies specializing in utility field, with revenue of USD 0.3-0.5 billion.

2. Emerging Lighting Manufacturers with Niche Market Channels: The local lighting manufacturers are encouraged to develop lighting products rapidly with policy incentive and subsidy, or through hindering foreign manufacturers in various ways including specifications, biddings and tariffs. Ocean's King Lighting and Warom Technology are the main lighting manufacturers who are involved in industrial lighting business, with annual revenue of USD 130-200 million, the products of the former are mainly used in electricity, railways and military fields, while Warom Technology's products are mainly applied in petrochemical and coal sectors.

3. OEM Manufacturers: The manufacturers represented by BIGOGA Lighting, with annual revenue of USD 5-10 million and products covering explosion-proof floodlight, explosion-proof canopy light and explosion proof high bay light, mostly LED lamps at present.



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