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UV-C LED grow rapidly because of sterilization and water purification demands

In 2016, the value of UV-C LED sterilization and purification application is $28 million, it will be $257 million in 2021, a compound annual growth rate of 56%, with more LED manufacturers to launch new products at the end of this year, will accelerate the progress of UV-C LED technology.

The main UV-C LED factories are from the United States, Japan, South Korean companies, Nichia is expected to be launched UV-C LED products in the fourth quarter, and Taiwan factories will also be launched 265-275nm UV-C LED in November, in shortwave for the main application in Sterilization Application market.

Because UV-C can be used in food preservation, air purification, water purification and other markets, the potential demand is amazing. However, the UV-C LED product technical standard is quite high, whether in epitaxy, chip, packaging and market acceptance are facing many challenges, so now the market UV-C LED products in addition to quartz glass packaging products, also launched low-cost promotion package silicone collocation version, current small and life short, only suitable for application in the consumption of low-priced products.

In the overall Ultraviolet LED market, due to UV LED actively into sterilization and purification market applications, estimated value will grow to $166 million, to 2021 will reach 555 million U.S. dollars, a compound annual growth rate of 27%.



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