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LED automotive lighting industry chain

Although the automotive lighting industry is still concentrated in the hands of a few international manufacturers, because the high margin and broad market potential of automobile lighting industry, many enterprises are focus on the auto lighting industry. With further breakthroughs in technology, as well as the continued strength of China's local manufacturers, the market monopoly situation is expected to gradually be broken. The following to understand the LED lights industry chain!

1, Chip
Because the high requirements for chip power and reliability, and the international main chip and packaging manufacturers ahead of the layout, so the main LED chip manufacturers are Lumileds, OSRAM, Nichia, especially for high power chip of automobile headlight.

2, packaging
In the part of the package, the COB package can meet the needs of highly integrated automotive lighting light source module, so the COB used in the car LED devices is increasing, the current car LED device suppliers are CREE, Nichia, Lumileds and other international manufacturers as the leading factor, especially the headlight.
China Taiwan enterprises Everlight and Dominant also actively expand the market, the the main package manufacturers in China mainland Forest Lighting and Nationstar also started the layout of car LED market, mainly in the field of tail light.
The main Chinese LED packaging companies are force the automotive lighting market, trying to gradually break the monopoly situation, but still mainly in the field of tail light and only a small market share, enter the headlight market will take time.

3, LED light source module
The vehicle LED light source module comprises one or more LED chips, a mechanical and optical component, a driving module, a connector, a radiator, etc., the integration degree is high.
The international famous OSRAM, TOYOTA, Lumileds, CREE and other manufacturers began in LED's research and development in the early 90s , especially in recent years invested heavily in research and development, formed a complete vehicle LED light source production system.
At present China LED automotive light module manufacturers are numbered, BYD has a complete industrial chain, so their  carheadlamp module is independent produced. Taiwan companies such as Li Qing actively into the field of automotive LED light module, they cooperate with the China mainland car factories to layout the headlight market.

4 car lights
In the car light parts, because the lamp manufacturers and automobile manufacturers supply chain is closed, especially the high requirements in heat dissipation, reliability, brightness of automotive headlamp, the largest LED automotive lighting market share is the traditional lamp manufacturers such as Hella, Valeo, Stan ray, most of these vendors have a fixed relationship with international car factories, it is difficult to enter for Chinese car light factories.
Nevertheless, China lights are still actively looking for opportunities to enter the supply chain, from the beginning of the lower threshold of technology like interior lights, fog lights, taillights gradually turned to the headlight application.
The largest China car light factory Xingyu company has successfully cut into the FAW Volkswagen, FAW TOYOTA, Chery and other car factory supply chain.



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